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ABOUT The Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Assocation

The Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Association (HDSA) is a non-profit and non-political organization, governed by our members and an elected Board of Directors. This organization was founded in 1974, and serves the express purpose of supporting law enforcement. Contributed funding to the Department is approaching six million dollars, allowing the organization to positively impact the law enforcement community and the public. Volunteer labor from electricians, contractors, building trades, bankers, accountants, specialists and retired Sheriff's Department Sworn personnel numbering thousands of hours, continues to be a significant factor in multiplying the value of hard dollar contributions.

HDSA President’s Message

I wish to thank Immediate Past President Marilee Howe, the HDSA Board of Directors, all Committee Chairs and their Committees, the HDSA staff, Sheriff Gore and the Department… and particularly all of you…the HDSA members… for the outstanding accomplishments of 2013!!

Our mission in 2014 is to further institutionalize those accomplishments and continue to follow the road map so brilliantly drawn by our 2013 President, Marilee Howe, and her HDSA team.

In 2014 HDSA will continue to:

Memorialize the accomplishments of the Sheriffs’ Department by providing a living history at our dynamic HDSA owned and operated Old Town Bill Kolendar Museum.  The Museum will continue to both facilitate an understanding of the vital role that the Department plays in providing safe neighborhoods and gain further citizen understanding and support for the Department.

Aggressively support the extensive financial and construction needs of Duffy Town and the A- Range;

Fund requested Department equipment and training needs such as special protective clothing, hard assets and specialized training/conferences…to the extent that our HDSA resources permit.

Conduct the Hand Gun Safety Classes, Fun Shoots, Luncheons, Membership Tours, etc.

Streamline and automate our office organization and operations with particular emphasis upon our financial systems.  In 2013 Marilee both recognized and acted upon the fact that HDSA had evolved in membership, programs and the number of dollars managed into a very large -complex operation…. but still employed the same time consuming and less precise tools and systems that had been used for years.  Also, a concern developed that if we did not act then we could lose our ability to effectively manage our fiduciary responsibility.   A 21st Century Staff employing 21st century systems had become essential in order to both professionally manage our affairs and provide continuity as Presidents and Boards change.  That process begun by Marilee and the 2013 Board will continue in 2014.

The 2014 Leadership Team

Marilee has agreed to help in 2014 by overseeing several HDSA areas including the Museum, Financials, Newsletter and Web-site. She again is serving as the Museum Chairperson and, as Immediate Past President, chairs the Advisory Committee. She will provide our Treasurer/CFO Steve Higgins and Executive Director Chad Kipper support as they continue to refine our financial systems and reports.

Tom Prendergast and his teams will continue to manage the all-important Fund Raising efforts. Tom also, will continue to Chair the Awards Committee.

Dario De Luca and Wayne Hanson along with their respective committees will continue to coordinate with the Department to define and structure requests to the Board for equipment and training needs.

Jeff Basford and Mike McCutcheon will continue to manage the extensive HDSA support activities at the A-Range and Duffy Town.

Vice President Bob Kipper also has agreed to assist Chad in organizing and conducting the Membership Luncheons and continue to Chair the Insurance Committee.

Corporate Secretary Jeff Basford, as previously mentioned, will continue his Duffy Town/A-Range support.

Treasurer/CFO Steve Higgins is most enthusiastically welcomed back to the Board! Steve served as President and Treasurer of HDSA in the past and brings his tremendous knowledge and talent to us again.

Several other very active and important Committees are:

Credential Recovery David Zolezzi; Facility Tours Mark Lyons; Hand Gun Safety and Fun Shoots Bob O’Neill; Jurisprudence Steve Whittman Esq, Judge Roger McKee and, Randy Whittman Esq; Membership Charles Kopp; Nominations Jeff Basford and Scott Silverman; Public Relations Leo Hamel, Scott Silverman and Buzz Burnett Web Master.  Also, there is a team of Docents, other volunteers and staff at the Museum who will be the subject of a separate article in the future.

We welcome Armando Flores and Mike Lapadula to the Board and thank Board members Dr. Jamul Habib, Abeer Hage and Michael Nesbitt for both their support and serving on several Committees.  Also, we deeply appreciate Richard Elkus’ support and his agreeing to serve on the Advisory Committee.

And we extend a BIG Thank You to Sheriff Bill Gore, Senior Policy Advisor Greg Thompson and Commander Don Fowler who are deeply invested in supporting HDSA… and without their support our efforts could not be successful.  

The Most Important 2014 Team

The above list of 2014 Team members represents a lot of work, shared wisdom and donated resources on the part of a lot of people.  But, it is because of YOUR support, the membership, that HDSA is successful… and we sincerely thank YOU! Please keep foremost in your mind that we all are here for just one purpose…to support the Sheriff’s Department in its efforts to provide San Diego a safe County.  Help bring in new quality members, support HDSA fundraisers and programs and show our class by never ever even appearing to use membership in HDSA or relationships with the department to either avoid a citation or as identification!!!

Looking Forward to a Great 2014

Allan Rappoport 2014 HDSA President

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