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ABOUT The Honorary Deputy Sheriff's Assocation

HDSA President’s Message

I am honored to be taking on the position of President of HDSA for the year 2015. I realize the responsibilities of the office, and would like to thank our immediate past President, Allan Rappaport; the HDSA Board of Directors; all committee chairs and committee members; the HDSA staff; Sheriff Gore and his department staff, as well as every HDSA member, for laying the groundwork to more outstanding accomplishments in 2015.

Significant accomplishments in 2014 include:

Outstanding golf and BBQ fundraising events, myriad luncheons with noted speakers, donation of a helicopter simulator to the ASTREA group by HDSA board member Dario DeLuca, update of HDSA By-Laws, significant improvements in the layout and operation of the Sheriff’s museum, overdue improvements in HDSA office administrative operations and a revamp of the HDSA budget system.

Our mission in 2015 is to further institutionalize these accomplishments while we continue to follow the road map so successfully initiated in 2014. Our goals include: a well managed budget, continued improvements to and successful operation by HDSA staff and docents at Old Town Bill Kolendar Sheriff’s Museum, continued aggressive improvements to the financial and construction needs of the Tactical Training Facility including Duffy Town and the ARange (which provides significant training opportunities for sheriff’s staff, other county law enforcement organizations as well as HDSA members) and most importantly, providing vital equipment to assist Sheriff’s Department deputies to safely and successfully accomplish their daily duties. This equipment typically includes special protective clothing for SAR personnel, support to ASTREA flight resources, safety equipment, and specialized training and educational opportunities. We look forward to inducting new quality members and providing continued support of HDSA fundraisers and programs.

In 2015 HDSA will continue to memorialize the accomplishments of the Sheriffs’ Department by providing a living history at our prestigious HDSA owned and operated museum. The Museum will continue to provide an important means of public relations and educational outreach in San Diego County for the Sheriff’s Department with the four goals of Educate, Interact, Remember and Inspire! Funded renovations, which should increase the museum’s visibility in Old Town as well as entice local, national, and international visitors, will commence this year.

Other key goals for 2015 HDSA will include continuing to conduct the “Hand Gun Safety” classes, competitive “Fun Shoots,” sponsor luncheons with inspiring speakers, conduct membership tours of select Sheriff’s Department facilities and others and have focused fundraising events to meet our

HDSA goals.

In 2014 Heather Araiza joined our HDSA team as Office Administrator. She has already streamlined and automated our office operations. Thank you Heather! A well deserved thank you and appreciation also goes to our HDSA treasurer, Steve Higgins, for his extensive rework of our financial systems leaving us more efficient and transparent for 2015 and beyond.

In 2014 Allan Rappoport both recognized and acted

upon the fact that HDSA had evolved in membership, programs, and the number of dollars managed into a rather growing and complex operation. However, as we grew, we continued to employ the same time -consuming and less precise tools and systems that had been used for years. Allan and the Board’s recognition of the need for updates, and the resulting adaptations, will benefit HDSA greatly as we transition into 2015 and beyond.

The 2015 Board Members and Committee Chairs are listed in our Roster included on our web site. We are very thankful for HDSA members committing to head up our various committees for 2015 .

We are also very fortunate to have a dedicated team of trained docents, volunteers and staff at the Museum.

We welcome five new members to the Board: Buzz Burnett, Bud Silva, Judge Roger McKee, Leo Hamel and Chris Espineli and thank outgoing Board members: Marilee Howe, Dr Jamal Habib, Dario DeLuca and Allan Rappoport for their support and leadership during their three year terms.

We extend a very sincere thank you to Sheriff Bill Gore as he begins his new term in office, Undersheriff Ed Pendergast, Senior Policy Advisor Greg Thompson and Commander Don Fowler who are all deeply invested in supporting HDSA. Without their dedicated support, our efforts could not be successful. We sincerely wish Commander Don Fowler a successful retirement in March 2015 and look forward to his continued involvement with HDSA as Vice Chair of the Museum Committee.

The 2015 team members are prepared to contribute hard work, creative problem solving, shared wisdom and donated resources as representatives of our membership; however, it is because of YOU, each individual member, that HDSA is a successful and valuable asset to the Sheriff’s Department.

We sincerely thank YOU! Please keep foremost in your mind that we all are here for just one purpose; to support the Sheriff’s Department in its efforts to make San Diego a model county where its citizens know they are respected, safe, and secure.

Looking Forward to a Great 2015

Michael Lapadula, 2015 HDSA President

Thank you for visiting our Website. Consider joining our wonderful organization.  You may also consider visiting the Sheriff's Museum website (WWW.SHERIFFSMUSEUM.ORG) for a view of what the Museum has to offer.

Presidents Message

HDSA President’s Message


This year, the HDSA will celebrate its 42nd year supporting the San Diego County Sheriff and law enforcement in general.  As a member, you can be proud of the great works that we have accomplished to date and the excellent organization we have built to continue that work.


This past year we raised over $626,150.00 in support of the Sheriff through fundraisers, donated equipment and materials, and membership dues.  As an organization, we should be proud that our overhead is kept very low so that most of the funds and other resources donated to HDSA end up directly benefiting the Sheriff.  We do this by controlling our cash expenses, using volunteer time and carefully managing contracts to deliver the equipment and facilities needed.  


As we look forward to another exciting year of contributions, it is worth taking note of our significant accomplishments in 2015.  Led by Abeer Hage, we had the most successful fundraiser in our history.  We made major renovations and repairs to the Tactical Training Facility including most of the buildings and ranges.  The Museum completed a huge renovation of the building and most of the exhibits on the 2nd floor.  In total, we accomplished every major goal we had set for the year, and several that were not planned!


We have an excellent leadership team in place, most of which have been serving in their positions for several years.  This continuity in leadership is one of our strengths, and we will continue to leverage this going forward.  Thanks to this strong team, their committee members and the excellent leadership of our past President Mike Lapadula and Treasurer Steve Higgins, we are in excellent financial shape. 


2016 will be another important year for the HDSA.  Our focus will remain on three key areas:  About 50% of our effort will be on equipment purchases in support of the Sheriff’s priorities and the remainder will be split equally between the Tactical Training Facility and the Sheriff’s Museum.  We are planning major improvements in all these areas, and I look forward to updating you as we make progress.


So, with all this good news and congratulations, what is the key message that I want to leave you with?  If you are already planning to participate in one or more of the initiatives for 2016, keep up the good work!  If you want to participate with your time, money or other donations – please do!  I welcome your support and encourage you to contact me (just call the HDSA office at 858-974-2296 and I will get right back to you).  Beyond this, we have many ways for you to enjoy the benefits of membership in the HDSA.  Watch the website and newsletter for interesting things to do and learn about.  Please come and say hi to me at one of our luncheons where you can also meet other fellow HDSA members and members of the Sheriff’s Staff in person and hear firsthand about our progress.  We have excellent speakers and a few surprises in store to make it well worth your while. 


     Until then, I wish you and your family an excellent start to 2016 and look forward to working with you as we create the most successful year yet!



Rick Elkus

2016 President, HDSA